Transaction Log after upgrading

Hi, I had just finsihed the upgrading from 3.01B to 3.70 in SQL option. But I notice that the transaction log of the SQL had grow 3 to 4 times comparing to the original version (3.01B). Does anyone has the similar problem? Also, the posting routine had been obviously slow down the performance. Can anyone suggest a checking procedure? Thanks, Richard

Hi richtsang! As far as I know, this has nothing to do with Navision Attain. It might be only a SQL Server problem. The same with the performance. Maybe you should try solving this with some standard admin SQL Server procedures. Im pretty sure that the trasaction log is the source of the performance issue and it can be solved from sql. Talk to ure system admin or sql server admin. He should know how to do it.

Take a backup of You transaction log and it will be truncated. Should be done periodically to keep the size down

You can also use the ‘shrink database’ feature in your SQL server Enterprise Manager. This will get rid of (most of) the unused transaction log file. You can check this by showing the taskpad in Enterprise Manager. But truncating the transaction log can only be done by running a SQL backup.

Hello, We have also just upgraded from 3.1 to 3.7 and have had a notable change in file sizes. Currently the 3.7 version has a database size of 41mb, 3.5Gb ndx and 10.15Gb log (3.1 had 180mb (!), 3.25Gb and 1.2Gb). The database properties have auto shrink as ticked and the database is backed up regularly. The above figures were after a transcation log backup including truncation. Our NSC has no other ideas. Are these sizes expected? or could there be a problem with some of the code that has been written for us? Any thoughts/guidance would be appreciated Regards Richard

Use the following TSQL: BACKUP LOG DBName WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY DBCC SHRINKFILE(DBName_log, 2) Change DBName to your Navision SQL DB. This will truncate and shrink your transaction log.

I allway use option autoshrink, and log files are allways truncated to the original size - the size when creating DB, when backup completes. But you cannot shrink it below the original size !

Thanks for that. Have now a much much smaller log file.