Transaction Fails to Rollback on SQL 2000

I have searched the forum and have not been able to find anyone who has reported the following issue. A client was posting cash receipts in version 3.60 SQL when their workstation lost power. As this had happened before the user restarted the client, went back to the batch and tried to post again…but…the batch had partially posted and put GL out of balance??? It turns out that customer ledger entries and AR GL entries were created for about 75% of the journal. There were no balancing transactions to the bank account or GL cash account. I have restored the clients database to our SQL server but have not been able to reproduce the problem (mine always rolls back the partial posting). Has anyone ever experienced something like this? Thank you for your help.

I see two reasons for this: 1. The most common: A mod with a commit in a bad place. 2. A more rare one: References in posting routines to tables linked to views that reads data on a linked SQL server. Transactional integrety is not maintained by SQL when using linked servers. Otherwise I have never seen this happen.

Lars, Thanks for the ideas. I’ve already ruled out #1 but will have to do some checking on the linked servers. Thanks again Zarryn