"Tranfer Orders" Section under Sales and marketing it's not showing for one user"

Hi. friends,

I’m new to this forum so first of all I would like to thanks to you’re all…

So I’m using MS Dyanmics 2009 ERP product in our company today our one user informed to me he 's Gate passes (Transfer orders ) section not apearing on his Navision desktop, after cheked about that i saw that “Tranfer Orders” Section is not coming under sales and marketing module,

then I removed this user login and recreated again, and checked User Data filter setup , but that user and other users permision level is same, cannot think where it happening .

So, I very appericiate if you can give to me help for solve this issue immidietly.

Thanks, Regards


Hi Welcome to DUG!

is this issue appearing for classic client or RTC…?

if it is for classic please check if any menu items are hidden.

if it is RTC try to delete user personalization for that particular user, the best way is to ask user to delete personalization settings from the top menu button in his rtc home screen…



Hi Anil,

Yes this is NAV Classic. that’s problem actually i didn’t thought about that… i correct it… thanks so much to you…