Training manuals

Hi, Apart from the official Nav.Fin. manuals (, c/al are there any other know and available training manuals for development? Thanks.

You mean books? Documentation? Help-Files? No, there’s nothing as far as I know. However, the best source of information are still the existing objects which make 100% of all the business logic available to you. If you are a beginner, I recommend you start with Reports: Make a copy of an existing Report to the 50000 range and start playing and look what happenes. That’s the best to start IMHO. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

That’s what I’ve doing: looking at existing objects and source code. But since manuals are not, in my point of view, self explanatory with (enough) tutorials and examples… Thanks for your advice.

Actually Navision US has some pretty good tutorials, which they provide as pre-requisites for new developers going to attend the Academy. You might try and get a hold of them. Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

I myself hunted quite a bit for Nav USA tutorials but with no success when I started with Navision.Cant we have some sort of orientation and manual section in this site for newbies. We have a lot of beginners with us here and that will be a big boost for them all Amit Vasudhaiv Kutumbhukam (The whole world is a family)

Amit, In order to access the training materials on the Navision US website you must be a partner. Do you work for a Navision customer or are you with a Navision partner? Perhaps you can get these materials through your “official” channel? Post the results of your attempts to this forum and if you still need more help, perhaps members of this forum can assist you further. Jim Hollcraft NCSD, NCSP, MCSE, CNE, MCP, MST aka Skater Unauthorized Navision News

Navision US does limit access to it’s site, as Jim pointed out, to just it’s partners. Please note all development classes (Attain Programmer & Attain Solution Developer) are being designed from the world wide perspective. Each NTR will have access to this material once Navision a/s gives it’s blessing. I do know some changes are currently being made. Please also be aware that another NTR (I believe from Holland or Denmark) did a good job for those experienced developers who just want to see what’s new. There are just a few minor things that I would have like to have seen added to that document. In the US, I believe there are plans to post the what’s new for developers as a help document. Perhaps we can see about posting this as a download here, if people are interested. As to the other courseware, it’s all being made world wide and each NTR should have it made available in the future.

Its a shame that Navision does not make its programming documentation available to customers. We buy the product and don’t even think to see if it comes with documentation. Who has ever heard of a programming language with no documentation? I have the Application Designers Guide and it is a poor excuse for a manual. Buyer Beware! David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188

Hi David, i disagree with you. Because there is major difference between a manual and a tutorial. To me it sounds like you are interested in having a tutorial, to help and assist you in programming. Navision provides the manuals, with reference to all the syntax - but it is true they dont give you complete examples. I guess thats why you have to attend training sessions :-). Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

No, I don’t want a tutorial. I want normal language manuals that document everything properly. Have you ever seen manuals for C++, Pascal, Visual Basic etc? They are far more complete. Show me EVERY command, option, parameter etc. I don’t need a tutorial, I need the facts. Navision elected to create their own language. They should document it very well when they elect to sell the development environment to customers. Of course, the primary reason they don’t is to keep the NSC’s in their position of power with respect to knowledge. David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188


Show me EVERY command, option, parameter etc. I don’t need a tutorial, I need the facts.

Can you name any example of a command, option or parameter which is not covered in the C/SIDE Reference guide (the online help)? ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

I can’t and in fact I don’t spend much time in the online help. I don’t doubt that it is more complete than any printed manuals. I would much prefer a printed manual that is a complete reference to the C/AL language. I know the online help is very terse and basic. Its not the best method for learning the language. It would be nice if it could be printed in a decent fashion. I know there are many others out there who agree with me on this. It seems those who have worked with C/AL for a long time may have trouble thinking about how it would be to program in it with a few weeks to get something done and no prior experience (but knowing multiple other languages and having much programming experience). David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188

In reply to Marcus’ challenge to identify missing documentation in the C/AL Help files (and at the risk of looking foolish if I’m wrong): I cannot find any reference to either conditional statements (IF … THEN, CASE) or repetitive statements (FOR … TO, WHILE … DO, EXIT, WITH) in the Help files. I checked both Version 2.6 and 3.01. I’ve always found this a somewhat irritating omission. So first I check Help, then when I don’t find what I want, I search a pdf copy of the C/AL manual. As to the completeness of the Help plus the manual together, I find it comparable to the documentation available for any other set of proprietary tools I’ve used. At least there are examples and most of what is there can be understood. But it would be good if all the documentation were available online from within the development environment (doesn’t IDE mean “Integrated” Development Environment?). And it would be even better if some of the design documentation were made available to certified developers. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner


Originally posted by davidrochford: I would much prefer a printed manual that is a complete reference to the C/AL language. I know the online help is very terse and basic.

Have You looked at calguid.pdf on the product CD. There You have the manual. Just print it and You have a printed manual. I can’t say that it covers all aspacts of CA/L programming, but it’s a start. The rest You’ll have to learn the hard way by going in to the existing code. //Lars