Training Manual and Development guides

hi everyone, i am a navision developer in training, i am not new to programming, just to navision, if any have deveopment guides and training manuals that might assist me, please mail them to, it would be really appreciated , thanks preshan

Hi Preshan, Welcome to Navision. [8D] Do you have access to partnersource? There are still some training guide download for free[:D]

Hi, I’m also new in navision and would like to get started with it by getting some reading materials especially C/SIDE programming as i’m going to start working as navision developer, Any manuals and tips document are welcomed. Thanks

Dear All, It seems that this issue is widespread, has anyone find something already? I am searching for instance for references or books on how to design forms and syntax of code to use within forms, reports and the tables. Looking forward to any reaction Serge

Hi, on Navision instalation disk you can find “Application designer’s guide” document w1w1adg.pdf - there you can find almost all information about C/SIDE programming. Viktoras

If I am understanding this here then; the issue is not so much language structure and writing code. Its seems the issue is more of best practices, i.e. if there are three ways of writing a piece of code, which is the “best” is that what you are asking?

Dear David, Thanks for addressing the issue. I am pleased that there is a beginners forum and that you are the mentor, unfortunately there are different kinds of beginners. There is the programmer who starts with Navision and has knowledge on programming and then there is the absolute beginner like me. I find myself in a strange situation; a one man company who choose Navision for his operation and who needs to change his reports, forms and tables to his likeing by himself for cost saving. The Application designer’s guide that Viktoras mentions does not help in every aspect. I am faced with some real beginners (dummy) problems and these I want to look up in reference books. Some of the problems I have: * Take a report, copy and alter it to my wishes, how do I select all fields and change a property for all, e.g. font or size ( it works on Access but not on Navision). * I can not find who I make table fields unique for those I want to be unique. * I saw your comment on adding a logo in a report, I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work with me. Why? I don’t know. * Adding a field to a table but making sure that this field is available in other forms and reports. Which procedure should I follow. * Making an existing text field larger but making sure that it applies to the rest where this field is used. These are all absolute beginners questions and there is no manual/reference guide supporting these (type of) questions. Whether you are a user beginner or programmer beginner it seems that a lack of reference material, guides, books, etc is a widespread issue and I have no idea where to turn to. How can I find answers to these questions or is this forum intended for the programmers beginners.

Serge, these are very good questions. I am going to make an effort over the next few weeks to answer them. Please ask more. [:)]

Each question should be seperate so others with same/similar questions can find the answers. One other thing you might think about is taking a week or two at your NSC to have them teach you the basics about moving things around in Navision & making quick reports n’ such. I’ll say 1 to 2 weeks but I’m sure 2 hrs a day for 5 days will get you on the right road. Yes it’s a little more investment but it will pay dividens in the future.