Training docs or white paper about standard costing and inventory closing

hi all,

i am searching for a training guide or white paper about standard costing and inventory closing (especially inventory adjustments). i have read about one in one of my dynamics ax guides sometime ago but i did not rediscover it or can remember where it was.

i also searched for them on Microsoftpages (partner network, customer source, partner source, etc.)… without success.

so maybe someone can provide a link to this document. that would be great. i think AX 2009 or AX 2012 will fit.


He Manuel,

With this link you can find the documentation you need. Especially for standard costing and closing and adjustment.



hey ube,

thanks for your fast reply. thats one of my docs i was looking in. sure, you are right as there are adjustments and costing described but not exactly what i am looking for.

maybe i can post my question here directly:

in my testenvironment (AX 2012) i would like to adjust a standard cost product. if i click on adjust - transactions and select this product, no lines appear, which i could adjust. the form remains empty… is there any reason why?


He Manuel,

I suppose you try to adjust a transaction in the closing and adjustment form. But for standard cost it has no use. Because the costrprice is standard [:)]., when you need adjustment because the valuation is not correct, you can change standard cost price in the costing version form. When you change the std costrpice and there is on hand inventory automatically a revaluation will be performed.



ok, you are right, i had in my mind a new costing version is for future inventory entries only (not for the existing ones, too). but i tried it and you are a second time correct, a new costing version with a new price instantly adjusts the inventory on hand value, so there is no need to adjust via closing and adjustments… :slight_smile: