Training and manuals

How does an end-user of this software get more training?

To obtain either manuals or further training. You should contact the NSC (Navision Solution Center) that sold Navision to your company. Navision manuals are available either in printed form or electronic (PDF). Actual training courses can be also be given by the NSC. Let me know if you have problems organizing either of the above. _________________________ Wendy O’Connor - co moderator Attain/Financials - End User Questions NOLUG

Thanks Wendy, We did receive manuals for inventory, contact manager, etc. What I am looking for is manuals on InfoStore and on report writing. I would also rather avoid our NSC so is there any other way of getting these manuals.

The majority of the documentation that is readily available is included on the Navision software CD in PDF format. Introductory and intermediate report writing is covered in the Application Designer’s Guide which is on that CD. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner