Trail balance report

Hi All

I am trying to generate the trail balance report based on the dimension, but when i generate it , it is showing empty. The report is the default one. Can anyone advise me why it is coming like this.


Hi Imran,

Have you created ledger postings on the dimension for which you want to run the trial balance report?


Hi Ludwig

yes we select the dimension while making the transaction. Does it required ant kind of setup???


Any comments experts.

Hi All I got the solution The trial balance report is not designed to report by financial dimensions, only ledger balances are shown. Reporting based on financial dimensions in combination with ledger accounts is done via the Financial statements. You should setup a dimension focus for cost center and one for Ledger account. Than create a row definition based on dimension focus ledger account. This row definition should include all ledger accounts. Now you should be able to create a financial statement with primary focus Cost center and secondary focus ledger. thanks

Hello Imran, we are setting up our COA with 2 account structure - one for Balance sheet and another for P&L. Two dimensions - 1 Business unit 2) department

if we need to take the financial statements (say Balance sheet, Income Statement, P&L statement etc.,) by financial dimensions by Business unit, Department, customer group and item group, how could we do that? I am thinking that we can create ‘Dimension Set’ for the additional dimensions that we want to see in the report? Or do we need to add these dimensions part of the account structure itself?

Appreciate your thoughts. We have 3 BU with about 9 department. 3 BUs share about 8 departments and 1 department for the legal entity.

Hi Patrik

Here i think define the financial statement (Contains the structure) and when you run this report click the select button and select the two parameter i.e. your BU and Department. And run the report, as far as customer and item group is concern, i think they will come automatically in the report as while making th etransaction(invoicing) you are selecting the BU and Department so they will come in the statement.

And customer and item wise report you can get from the repective module.


I want opening balance in grid of COA details based on dimension->deptment filter, pls suggest