Trademark & Registered Trademark Symbol in NAV

I haven’t been able to find much on the topic of inserting the ™ & ® into NAV documents. In general there are several item products that required the trademark symbol to appear on all documents after it’s name (item description contains name). I am trying to figure out how to get the Trademark ™ & ® to appear.

I am weary of adding this character specifically in the item description on the item card as we are tight on character length availablility and I don’t really want to have to extend this text code length. My thought it to have it coded somehow to auto populate in reports based on the type of item being used or something along those lines. Any thoughts?

So with that said is it even possible to put the into the ™/® in the actual description on the item card and if so, what keys do I need to type in to make the ™/® appear?

Thanks for any help


Not something I have done for a customer but you can cut & paste the characters above into the description field and it’s works fine. Prints an order confirmation no problem

® = Alt + 0174 on numeric keypad, TM I couldn’t find… but not all fonts contain these symbols.

Hovever, I don’t know wouldn’t there be some side effects of putting these chars in Description - developers could comment on the issue…

(R) (c) and ™ usually do as well. Everybody knows what they mean and there is no “legal requirement” on how trademark, copyright and registered trade mark are being represented in a document. The only requirement is that you mark them.