Trade agreements and master planning

I have setup lead time through a trade agreement on my item which is a component of a BOM.

I’ve put a default vendor in my item master for the component item.

When I create a test sales order for the BOM and run master planning, the generated planned purchase order does not take into account the setup trade agreement.

If I generate the order manually, everything is working as expected.

The information found on the manual does not refer to any examples with master planning, also I couldn’t find something relevant to this issue with exception of some ATP dates.

Is there a setup that I am missing?

Have you tried using Master planning > Setup > Parameters, Planned orders tab, Vendor group, Find trade agreements check box?

Try removing the default vendor. If you want planning to do anything my memory tells me the default vendor must not be set. Not tried this myself so you will have to.

Yes, I’ve removed the default vendor and that has done the trick.

However, if there is a default vendor, the system takes the price from the trade agreement (in the item master the price is set to 0), but it does not take the lead time that is set there. All margin times in the master planning module parameters, master plan and coverage groups are set to 0.

@ Fabrico: Yes, I’ve checked the checkbox and set the rule to find trade agreements by lead time.

Sorry misunderstood that bit.

If there is a default vendor it takes the price from the trade agreement - but not the lead time (is that what you are saying) but without one it takes the price and lead time from the trade agreement?

Yes, it does not take the lead time from the trade agreement, but it takes the sales price.

The setup is: default vendor set on the item master, a trade agreement is set for the item with the default vendor with a lead time of 10 working days and a price.