Tracking Specification Table Missing lines


I did some searching but maybe it was the wrong question to search for.

I have a problem of the Tracking Specification Table appears to be missing lines, when I click into Item tracking Lines from a PO or Phys Inventory journal its there, but it doesn’t show up on the table and is not found by filtering by item no.

I am automating an inventory dump for our first physical inventory, so I have the code to make all the physical inventory journal lines go to 0, and am now inserting into the reservation entries table. To setup the reservation entries I setrange on the Tracking Specification table, and repeat until the next is 0. When I look at the tracking spec table the numbering starts at 4534 and there is nothing before that.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

First & foremost - which NAV version are you on?

There were issues with tracking, as historically it was squeezed onto Reservation functionality, using the same tables. It took 2 major versions, while all bugs were catched and tracking more or less started to function.

What you see from PO, is actually a “temporary” table, it still sometimes goes nuts, if you create PO lines, add tracking data, then go back and change something in the PO - add/remove lines, change Item Qties and so on.

Yes, Item Tracking Lines pulls data from multiple sources into a temporary place and shows it. So depending on your version, you may be looking in the wrong place.

Reservation Entry holds the lines for unshipped or unreceived items. Tracking Specification holds the shipped / received side. In the case of partial shipments / receipts, both tables will have data in them.

I am on Nav 2009, we use RTC as a company but for my position I use Nav and Classic.

I see what you are saying on the tracking being stored in two+ locations, besides reservation(which I blanked for testing purposes), tracking specifications, and Item ledger entry is there anywhere else to look? I am thinking Item ledger may work but would need to do a setrange and then a sum to get the current lot quantity.

Or maybe is there an easier way to dump ~4000 lines of inventory, something built into nav rather than my custom code?

I am on Nav 2009, we use RTC as a company but for my position I use Nav and Classic.

Please see my post above has some more information on it.

3 Years later …

Thanks - I’ve just had this issue today and this comment has helped (and saved me a lot of time looking!!)