Tracking Specification & Reservation Entry table error - HELP PLEASE!

We have an error being thrown to us from the LANHAM product for Advanced Warehousing using the Pack Line Scanning tool.

The Error:

Qty. to Handle(Base) in Tracking Specification for Item No.: 505010, Lot No#: CONTAINERABC123 is currently 182, it must be 1.

The items on the sales order in question are different, but were shipped over on the same container.

I have checked this document and customer ID in the Reservation Entry and Tracking Specification tables, as well as the Lot number for the inventory. The Items on this sales order that we are trying to ship are part of the same Purchase Order that shows a purchase amount received for the 505010 equal to 182.

I don’t really know the tables well enough yet to fully understand this error or why it was thrown.

Any ideas?

Thanks again.

Hi, I did work on the Advance warehouse Managements. R u getting this Error from warehouse pick lines? during the registration of pick? or while assigning the Lot Number from Warehouse shipment lines?

Actually I figured it out. With a lot of research and a bit of luck I found what was going on…

We use a special type of item purchase in our company for certain products. As a result sometimes a Lot No. does not get assigned to that specific item purchase. When this happens, the next time we try to ship the item again in a Transfer order we end up with the Lot No. assigned to that T.O. replicated on to that previous item purchase for some reason… That’s more or less what happens, and it all takes place in the Reserveration Entry table… so there ends up being some additional line thrown in there that is not tied to anything. It’s easy to Identify because it’s missing a lot of necessary information.

I deleted the line, and that solved the problem. All journals look correct, as far as I can tell and that’s the solution. Kind of depressing it took me 2 days to figure this thing out, but we’ve tailored NAV oddly IMO.

Thanks anyway!