Tracking Specification Error in Adjust Cost Batch

Hi, We have to run the Adjust Cost Batch Job in one of our customers. However, we get an error message: “Qty. to handle(Base) must be xx in Tracking Specification Entry No:1”. And the job stops. We use 3.70A. Could anyone have an idea about the reason of this problem and how to overcome? Thanks in advance.

Hi Didem This is from an earlier posting There have been many issues with the error message Error: “Qty. to Handle (Base) must be xxx in Tracking Specification Entry No.=‘1’” I suggest you contact your NSC because you need to change the code in a variety of areas; codeunit 22, 99000835, 7324 and table 5767 needs a new key, but you may already have some of these alterations in your hotfixed version

What kind of changes should be done in those codeunits? Could you please explain a little?

Hi I cannot - there were many changes and I do not have the details to hand. Contact your NSC and they will be able to advise based upon your issue and hotfix.

Hi Steven, This error was causing a lot of problems in Navision 3.7. I hope this has been duly taken care in Ver 4.0.

Hi Krupesh I am sure many of them have been dealt with and many more of them will be found!