Tracking Serial No from output

Hello! Nav 4.00 I created a sales order with item A and quantity 3. Item A has a specific serial no. tracking and is never sold from stock; instead it is produced on demand. A production order for this sales line is created and output of quantity 1 is posted (remaing 2 quantity will be posted later). The sales order now has a reservation for that 1 output qty. and its item tracking also recieves the serial no. used for the output. However, when opening item tracking lines for that sales line, the quantity for that serial no. shows 3, which is rather absurd. Needless to say, posting of sales order fails and the quantity in tracking cannot be changed without canceling the reservations. I was wondering is this a known bug, any know solutions or ideas on how to approach this issue? Thanks, Marko

I will presume you are not setting the quantity to ship on the sales order to 1? You are ordering 3, shipping 3 so the item tracking will expect 3. Setting the Quantity to ship to be the quantity you are going to ship should resolve this.

We have a directed put-away and pick on the very location. So, the qty. to ship on sales order is not being used. Anyway, the idea is to produce what can be produced and partially ship. If we produced everything then the messed up quantites in reservation entry get straightened out. But partially posting the output produces irrelevant quantities - a res. entry with quantity (f.e.) 3 on some serial no. which, again, makes no sense at all and it is also impossible to duplicate by other means of using the program (only 1, 0, -1 are valid qty. for a serial no.). I have searched the underlying code, with no success thus far. Any guidance on where to look more specifically would be appreciated. Kind regards, Marko

Hi Marko So the information starts to come out [:D]. When you create the sales order on the directed location how are you creating the production order? Are you using Order Planning from the sales order or are you simply creating the stock and then running the pick on the available output? Steve

Thank you, Steven, for your effort. Yes, the information presented was scarce… to be more complete: The item has specific serial no. tracking (also has warehouse tracking). For a better understanding: these are custom made computers (made of components the customer suggests). No item is equal to another except when customer orders a larger qty. of one custom configuration.Generally qty. on sales order would be 1 (which works fine in Navision 4.0), however is some cases customer needs a larger qty. of one custom cofiguration. When setting qty. on sales order to anything above 1, the problem with serials happen. Production order is created using function available on sales order (following the clicking progression: sales order->order->planning->Function->Create Prod. Order). It could be released at that point or later, doesn’t make any diference. Order type is project order, though I’ve tested also with item order. Output is posted via output journal. It is important that computers are made one by one and only as much as there are sufficient components, so it is a very likely scenario to produce let’s say 3 out of 10. Output posting are done for each item separately, but it yields same result if done together. So in our scenario of 3/10, the result would be item tracking lines (on sales order) with three serials, first one having qty. of 8 and the following two qty. of 1. If any piece is missing, I’d be glad to clarify.

Hi I can get this to work with the creation of warehouse picks, but I have not set a system up for warehouse directed pick and putaway. Could you describe to me the location and zone settings, and then the screens used, I presume we have warehouse shipment creation and picks etc etc. I cannot follow what you are currently processing wothout a lot of guessing, and it will be better if you tell me the settings so I can do it. Have you run this through in Cronus?