Tracking costs in local currency and 1 additional currency

Dear Experts,

Our local currency is GBP but we need to track our costs in USD . Most of our products are brought in USD, so we are putting sales prices in USD. All additional costs need to be applied both currencies.
Sales Prices are placed in USD and in some cases in LCY (GBP) .

Does anyone have experience with this kind of request.
To add any new field in value entry and than to update with any batch job?

All suggestions will be appreciated.

Best Regards

Additional (reporting !) currency is supported only in GL.

You can set price in non-LCY, in sales prices setup, it will be chosen automatically for a SO in that nonLCY currency, but that’s all what standart offers.

Tracking (reporting on) COSTS in nonLCY by Item is problematic, 1st question is which forex rate to apply for any given transaction. If data summarized to GL level is not enough, and you need IL level, it will be a heavy modification.