track job card with serial number

hi all

i know my serial number of production and i use the table:



now i want to use table:


to find JOB CARD of my serial number, but there is no relation between these tables.

The job card is the time on the job, if you make serial numbers and make more than 1 there is no direct relationship between the time and actual serial number. What are you trying to achieve?

i want to track the employee who is recorded for that job card, but there is several serial number and several job card with ONE production number which make tracking impossible.


Ignore the serial number for the moment, you must be able to get to the job card from the production order. Are you using MES?

i only use production module for record production information, i do not use shop floor module.


But still the job card and not the route card? How is the employee captured if you are only using production?

we only entry employee in job card. we do not want performance report. we only want to know who produces parts (products). we do not use route card or other journal except JOB CARD for entry information.


The Job card will be in the ProdJournalTable with reference to the production order, with the lines presumably holding the employee in the ProdJurnalRoute with a referenced Job ID