Tracing and Categorizing Label

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I would like to customize label but only thing is i don’t want to customize all , i would like to do for specific screen / module , how can i trace and categorize label based on module and know that if i customize this this will impact only the particular. Is that approach correct and possible then kindly guide how to know the label category

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Hello Pankaj,

You can use the Label Editor to find, edit, and create labels for all user interface elements. To open the label editor from the Microsoft Dynamics AX menu, click Tools, point to Development tools, point to Label, and then click Label editor.

These are the following Tabs in the Label Editor:

Tab Description

Label Search for labels by using the criteria specified on the Setup tab. You must search for labels before inserting or editing them, and before creating a new label.

Setup Select a label file to use on the Label tab.

Labels specify the user interface text in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Each label has a unique ID.

Note: Label IDs consist of the @ symbol followed by a three-letter layer code and a number, for example @SYS1109.

Now suppose you want to find a label ID. Enter a label ID in the “Find what” box, then click “Find now”. After this you can click the “Used by” button to display all the objects that use the label.

Button Description

Used by Display the objects that use the label. Use this to select the correct label if there is more than one label with the same text string.

In this way you can trace and find what are all the objects where a particular label is used and where the label changes will take place if any label is changed.

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Shankar Dutt Sharma

Dear Shankar,

Thanks and I appreciate the reply , thought i am aware about the above process explained but the idea to find the label which fall under different module. Say for example all the label used in CRM , how can i find them ?

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There is no standard out-of-the box mechanism for finding which labels are used in which module.

You will have to update cross reference and you have to work this out on your own manually.

Hmm , thanks for the update !!!