Trace the Production order from which sales order

Dear All,

Item id : FG0001

Coverage Type - Requirement

Created two sales orders:

  1. Sales order - 15

  2. sales order - 10

Run the master scheduling,

Systems suggested the two planned production orders, converted to two production orders. Now i need to trace each production order from which sales order. Is it possible to trace, i need show the production report against sales order.



Production Order will reference the sales order on the reference tab of the production order.

Sales Order, Sales Order Lines, Line Detail, Product tab and the Item reference will list the production order.

Dear Adam,

I have the planned order reference no. in the production order, but i am unable to trace the sales order from planned order no.

i want to show in the report, this production order belongs to which sales order. if i create the production order from sales order then no issues for me, but when running the engine i am unable to find the sales order no.

Is there any specific reason.



Go to your sales order and you will find the reference of the Planned order. I believe you can use it as you are currently seeing the planned order number in the production order.

The trace is from an actual not a planned order, as the reference would be incorrect once firmed. It is only linked if the item coverage type is “requirement”.