Trace Inventory Dimensions Using X++ code

Hi All,

I want to retreive all the inventory dimensions which is available on the Production orer → Trace. It is the tree control it shows the dimenions in a tree structure.

Inventory Dimensions.png

Please any one tell me how can I acheive this?

Any suggestions?

Can’t you look at the code populating the tree and reuse it for your purposes?

Yeah martin. I can get only the detail on exapnding but i need all ther detail when opening the form

Any other suggestions?

Why do you need other suggestions? It sounds you merely need to complete your logic, not giving everything up.

I can get the details from the tables Inventransorgin, Inventtrans, prodtable and inventdim. But i need two proceeses one for forward and another one for backward. I am debugging the entire process but it is still bit complicated to understand so it would be more helpful if u give any suggestion to proceed on this

Do you have any particular problem? Giving suggestions for an unknown problem isn’t easy.

I want to retreive all the trace records for the backward process using X++ code…

Any suggestions?

Hi Sarath

Did you get any solution for this, can you please share your thoughts how you handled the situation.
We got the similar requirement to fetch all Inventory batches and sub/parent batch information. Looked into the logic related to tree view but it needs to be refactored a lot to get the results and it may give performance impact as well.

Thanks in advance.