hai all

i want to generate a report with total fields in footer section,

in dataitem i have taken

dataitem name

g/l account g/l account

g/l account cumprior

g/l account thisprior

i have generated report by using datefilter (from strating to ending date)

i got the values in the required fields, but i am not getting the total in footer section

i have tried in differant ways like in group footer and as well as in footer section but the result is 0.00

as well as i have written code

CurrReport.CREATETOTALS(CumPrior.Actual); in on aftergetrecord();

i have set the data item properties like totalfield and group total field ,even though i am not getting the resuult as 0.00

can any one help me please…

Did you try to add manually in decimal varaible?

just like SLNo in one of your previous posts?

mohana sir,

why should we have to add manually it is generating a report with values ,i have to add those values in footer section ,

i have taken 3 dataitems are same (g/l account) but only differance is name of the dataitems as shown above

You must have added footer for first dataitem and expecting result from other dataitems…which will not work

If you have added footer for frist dataitem then it will brin total of first daataitem only…

mohana sir,

i need total for second and third data items ,

i have taken cumprior footer and thispriorfooter

and i have taken one text box for cumprior footer and one textbox for thisprior footer and i have given source expression

i kept dataitem properties as(total field) for two dataitems(cumprior,thisperiod),

i need to write any code regarding this can you suggest me

no need to write any code…did you check the result?

not what you are expecting I guess

What problem are you facing to take 2 decimals and add manually?

i havent take any decimals ,how to keep decimals .i am not getting what you are telling sir

the result i am getting is 0.00 in footer sections

Create 2 Decimal Variables.(cumpriorTotal and thisperiodtotal)

write cumpriortotal := cumpriortotal + cumprior.Actual; in cumprior dataitem onaftergetrecord trigger.

and add it in first g/l account footer…

hi sir,

what you have told tahe i have done as shown below,

i have taken two decimal varibles, and as well asi have taken g/l account in footer section with textbox and given source expression as thisperiod total

example: ThisPeriod - OnAfterGetRecord()


even though i am not getting the total and i am getting the result as 0.00 in footer

as i need to set any dataitem properties sir

Did you set Actual field in CalcFields property of thisperiod dataitem?

ya sir i kept calcfield=actual even though i am not getting

ya can any one can help me please

you may export your report object as a text file and post it here so we could have look!

i am sending you the exported file in .txt format,can you please look after it

7563.task(33).txt (32.8 KB)

How did you export object?

Its not in readable format. [:’(]