Total page numbers on reports

I would like to have the total page numbers show on each page of a report, i.e. Page 1 of 5. Has anyone done this before who can show me how it’s done? Regards, Mark

Use some other report writer, like Crystal Reports. -jp

It is not possible to have the total page numbers on each page of a report, but you can display the following page with for example the mention " to See page…"

Navision creates reports “on the fly” and from dynamic data in most cases - therefore the number of pages is not known until the report is finished. Compare it with starting to type in Word, first when you are ready typing, you know the number of pages filled. You need an external package (i.e. Crystal Reports), which creates the report in memory first, if you would need this function. Or develop a workaround using Automation to send the report to Word or Excel and use the features of those. John

Thanks for the help. Fabrice, thanks for the suggestion, the users may be satisfied with that. They weren’t too upset with not having total pages on each page, so I don’t think I’ll use Automation, John, but thanks for the suggestion. Regards, Mark