Total for Filtered Information

When we use filters for analysis we are getting line level information, but Not getting the summary(Total)of the filtered Data. Is there any way to get the Total of filtered Data.

Hi Could you please elaborate a bit further and give some information such as which filters, where and what you want to see. Cheers Steve

If you’re wanting to see a total of the filtered data on a form in tabular mode, the easy way you can do it is having in the botton of the report a frame where to show the totals and using a variable for obtaining them. The way for getting those totals is easy: var myNewVariable : record [mytabletype]; myTotalVariable : Decimal; // Copy the value of rec and it’s filters myNewVariable.COPY (Rec); myTotalVariable := 0; IF (myNewVariable.FIND(’-’)) THEN REPEAT myTotalVariable += myNewVariable.FieldToTotal; UNTIL (MyNewVariable.NEXT = 0); and put a call to that function in the onAftergetRecord, onAfterGetCurrentRecord functions… :wink: Regards Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

Hi Alfonso I think this would be better served if it was posted in teh developers forum rather than the manufacturing one as it does not seem to be specifically manufacturing related. Good Luck Steve

Maybe… maybe the question should be on that forum… maybe the answer should be something like “Select all, then press ctrl-v for copying and then paste them in Excell and then use the sum function on it”… (the question is a bit “short” for being sure…) Regards Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)