Total field error


May i know how will i resolve the error message : the field specified in the totalfield property must be a decimal. When i checked the field properties the field that i want to total was categorized as an integer.

Hoping for your assistance.

The message …

… clearly says that the field that you want to used in the TotalFields property should be of (data) type Decimal, so you cannot use a field of type Integer.

So either the field (data) type should be changed from Integer to Decimal, but I am not sure if this possible/allowed (this can be far reaching so do not, repeat not, do this just like that) or you could declare a variable of type Decimal in which you calculate the total of the field values using for example the CREATETOTALS function`.

Hi Guys,

Am facing Same Problem Please any one one help me Out.

Did you read Luc’s post?

Hi sir,

Just Now I solved.