Total Discount % is not calculating appropriately in Sales Order (Dynamics AX)

Dear All,

I have an issue related to Sales Order “Total Discount %”, I created 1 Total Discount code “TENPER” which is ten percent, and attached it with my sales order, when I see in the inquires totals or when I print the invoice it does not calculate the right discount amount, in some invoices it is comming as 4% in some less then 1% discount. There’s no multiline discount and no discount in the item’s level.

Can somebody help me why AX is not calculating the 10% discount amount appropriately.


Hi Tariq,

Can you share your code?

There’s no customization at all, however, by the Grace of Allah, I found the solution, actually the system was calculating the discount but only for the items which have the “Total Discount” option marked. This option exists in Item Detail form in the Price/Discount Tab, and this option is for both the Sales and Purchase Orders.

Anyways thanks for the help.