Total Discount based on Quantity

Hi everyone, Long time reader, first time poster. [:D] As an end user, I was reading through the manuals today trying to see if we can implement item discounts into our company and how Navision would handle it. What we are trying to do, is to give our customers the incentive to order large orders (ship more pallets) and pass the shipping savings on to them. To keep it simple, I will assume that all our cases have the same size. The customer would then get a discount on the total invoice amount if the quantities go past certain amounts. Similar to how Navision does it with the line discount. Line discount obviously won’t work and the invoice discount that is in Navision only works with LCY amounts. Has anyone ever done something like that? Or seen it done? Or is it just us again, needing something that no one else has ever had a need for. Thanks for any info.

What version are you running? That doesn’t make a lot of difference but forum readers may have version specific solutions. Based on a quick review of standard Invoice discounting in V2.6 and V3.7, it would appear you have to have a minor modification to do what you describe. I think you will have to change the Invoice Discount function to enable discounting on quantity rather than $ amount and change the discount calculation logic to apply based on the total quantity on an invoice (with whatever specific constraints you need to have).