Total amount is getting differ in custom report

Hi all;

I have have a custom report to show customer total Cr/Dr for all the customers.I’m using Currency Buffer table to get Total amount.Now the problem is the report is working fine for small range(Customer Number);If i view the report for all customer or big range the total amount is getting differ.

i’m using following code to get the total amount for all the customers

TempVariable := TempVariable + currencyBuffer.TotalAmount;

Help Me

Jerome Marshal.J

Hi Jermone,

My guess is that the varible TempVariable is not being reset in all case but is impossible to tell with see more or the code. Can you post the full code.

No i have reseted the variable at OnPreDatItem Trigger

also there no complex coding there is only one line coding that is

TempAmount:=TempAmount+CurrencyTotalBuffer.“Total Amount”;

Note[Report working nicly for small range only the problem is printing big range]

Waiting for your Reply

Jerome Marshal

Hi Jerome,

Where is the CurrencyTotalBuffer being reset. You could turn on the debugger and see where TempAmount goes wrong.