Topology in Installation and Configuration of AX 2009

Hello Sir,

I am new to implementing AX -2009, I have to instal axapta at client place who are having 8 users with different role.

My question is what will be the topology used. If have to give each of them a certain right

In my understanding I ll install full AX component in their Server computer.

and install on the users computer only client, AOS and application fiel and connect to the same sql database in their server and control the user profile from the server.

1st is this the correct way of doing it?.

2nd I should also have one test environment. how should I configure that

3rd I have to give them training also. should I configure seprate AX for that.

Please help me in this regards, will be greatfull to you

Rajesh Sharma

Hi Rajesh,

Please get some experienced technical consultant help you out.

Regarding installation, this guide should help you out -


Hello Rajesh,

Harish linked you the document where you can find any information about the installation of AX2009.

I’ll briefly answer you questions:

  1. No it’s not the way. User computer only needs the client. And Server only needs the components used. ATLEAST: AOS, Application, DB. (DB could be on another server aswell, for production this is a best practice).

  2. Test environment is just another AOS Instance (with a own database and application. You can run multiple aos instances on 1 server.

  3. This depends on what type of training you’ll be giving, but you can give training in the TEST environment.

Feel free to contact me anytime.

Hi Patrick

thanks for the reply.

  1. I ll install only the client on user machine and connect AOS, Application and DB installed on the other system. is this the way you meant ?

or after installing Client, In client configuration i just give port id, Instance name and server name on connection TAB.

As far as I understood, there are two way i can do the installation.

one is sql server in one system and make it SERVER, than install AX (client AOS Application) in any user system and when database is asked during installation we connect same sql database what is available in server. this I can do for every user system.

Second I will install everything(client, application, AOS SQL Server ) in SERVER Machine. and in user machine I just install client and connect it to my server machine. Is this way is the correct one?

  1. I ll install a seprate client AOS database and application for testing purpose.

  2. Training mean user training to client re garding how to use the application thats it.

Thanks & regards


Hi Rajesh,

Best way of doing the installation for a live-environment is as following:

  • 1 dedicated SOL Server
  • 1 AOS Server
  • 1 or more client computers
    On the SOL Server you install the AX Database only. You can either use a demo database (can be downloaded from partner/customer source) of install an empty database (by using the installer).
    On the AOS Server you install at least the following rules: Application Files, AOS and Client. I’m using the client to step through the initial checklist, after installation.
    Client computer only have the Client component enabled.

For configuring the client you either set the correct server details using the installer or you can use the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Configuration tool.

The above is the best way for a live environment, but if you haven’t got the resources to split the SQL and the AOS, you can set them up at the same server.

Yes you install a separate system for testing purposes. You can use the already installed clients to connect to this test environment using the AX 2009 Configuration tool, like i mentioned above. You can also create 2 different icons to connect either to Live or to Test. If you’d like to know more about this, just let me know.

You can train them how to use the program on the test environment.

Hoping this answered your questions, let me know if you need more answers or a different explanation.


Hi Petric

thanks a lot. I got the idea.

warm regards


Hi Patrick,

I am also in a confusion with multiple AOS installation. Please go through my below details.

I have installed two different AOS on my Server(windows server 2003) OS. I am successfully able to run the first instance of AOS.

But when I am configuring the client with the other AOS instance “AXDB02”, it gives me an error as below:

"The Dynamics AX Object Server 5.0$02-AXDB02 service terminated with service-specific error 10 (0xA)."

I have troubleshoot from the Services window, the first instance “AXDB01” shows me the service is started but I am not able to start the second instance “AXDB02” by click on “Start” even i can see the second instance in Services list. I have attached a screenshot image for this.

I have a server with multiple AOS instances installed but every client is installed on Windows XP(Operating System) does not have AOS installed. (I have separate SQL Server Database(i.e. AXDB02) and separate application folder for second AOS instance)

Please help me out of this problem.

Thanks in advance.


Quick Reply

Hi Ashlesh,

There must be an entry in Event viewer which should provide more info on why second AOS service would not start. Please can you post event viewer entry here?

Best wishes,


Thanks for your reply.

I have copied the below error from the event viewer,

"The Dynamics AX Object Server 5.0$02-AXDB02 service terminated with service-specific error 10 (0xA)."

Do I required to install the “Application Files” first befoer proceed to install AOS? (I have only created the different folder named “AXDB02” in “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\50\Application\Appl” path and then start to install AOS.



Hi Ashlesh,

Yes, you have to point AOS to a properly installed application directory. You can do this from DAX server configuration utility by pointing to application directory (under application file location) and importantly be able to select the application instance.

Best wishes,


Thank you for the useful information.

I have solved out this issue. The actual cause of the error is, I need to first install “Application Files” and then “AOS”. By installing this way, I can successfully start the both AOS services on the same server.

Again thanks for everything.