Top Vendor List to include more Vendors

Using NAV 2009 SP1

I followed this post add more vendors to the Top __ Vendor List and bumped it up to 300

going to SwapAmt, SwapText, SwapCode – then locals, then shift f4 and changing the dimensions to 300… I also changed the print loop max iteration to 299

Under options when i enter ‘No. of Vendors to Rank’ = 200 i receive the error Number of vendors must be less than 100.

Where would i be missing a step to complete this?


view the request form

click on the field where you enter the number of vendors.

hit f9 you should see:

IF VendorsToRank > 99
THEN ERROR(‘Number of vendors must be no greater than 99’);

Ah yes that was the key finding the request form… the code was

IF NOT (VendorsToRank < ARRAYLEN(TopNo)) THEN


but i had the error the orig. post link above mentioned so…

I went into the globals and changed TopNo., TopAmount , TopBalance, TopPurch all to a dimension of 300

THANKS :slight_smile: