ToolTip on grid

I’ve got a pretty specific problem that I’ll try to outline here. I need to override the toolTip() method for a particular field on a grid. My first instinct was to override the toolTip of the field on the data source, but this didn’t work. Overriding the toolTip() method on the form control works… but only displays values from the currently selected record, rather than the record that the mouse is hovering over.

Then I found the toolTipField method on the actual table. This seemed to be what I was looking for, and was called every time I moused over something like an ItemId field on the table to generate a tool tip. When I mouse over my field though, the method is never hit. I compared the extended data types, and could find no significant differences. Am I missing something in setup? Is there some class that needs to be coded specifically to seek tool tip information based on extended data types?

Any help here would be much appreciated, I’m really scratching my head. If I’m being unclear about anything, please let me know and I’ll clarify.