tools canimport/export data only by dynamic nav

How are you guys i want to request about some thing .can i make import/export daily data entered in dynamic nav only

i need data only or by sql server 2005.

because i have more database same structure and object but in different places and no connection between each others

so that i want data from all databases found in branch then put in one main database in main branch

can i make these by any tools in dynamic nav 2009 or sql please give me the way that can made that


There is not any tool to transfer data

You need to develop the same with the help of your partner/developer.

if i using bcp or ssis package can i make this task

Hi Ahmed. I think the question is not so much one of how you might accomplish such a task but rather one of why you would want to do such a thing and whether it’s a good idea.

It sounds like you’re trying to consolidate data from multiple companies/databases into a single data set. If that’s the case, you should know that it can not be done by simply copying all of the new data into a single database. You will have primary key violations that you won’t be able to resolve without either modifying the data in the PK fields so that it becomes unique, or modifying the definition of the PK for each table so that the existing data makes the entry unique.

Just think about the G/L Entry table for just a second. If all of your branch databases have any transactions that created entries in the G/L Entry table, then all of those databases will have an entry in the table with a primary key value for the first record where Entry No. = 1. Since the data in the Primary Key must be unique within the Company, you’ll get a runtime error if you try to insert all of these branch entries into the main branch table.

If I’ve misunderstood what you’re trying to do with your data, could you maybe give us a bit more detail?



thank you for reply the case what i want to do like this see this link :

stuff like this but i need like this in dynamic nav are this possible

Hi Ahmed,

You need to study the holding of data in Navision Tables such as flowfields which is not physically stored in SQL as well as you need to check which data you are going to transfer from one db to another DB.

the data in branches that i want to put inside main branch dont have flow field inside it what i need is move only physical data by sql or by nav any way

also i ask this link above are this actually way and good way to transfere data from database branch to another main database


Again the question is which data you are going to move?

e.q. you are going to move such sales order and then you are going to convert it into invoice

Why not create those branch as company in navision and use consolidation of navision?

I’m sorry Mr amol to misunderstand you . the data what i need is any data related to sales production purchasing from branches but i don’t need financial because it made only in main branch

meaning data after it made posting to any departement

Do you mean to say Posting data to transfer ??

yes because already result made

I think importing posting records of Navision from one database to another database is impossible task because after posting Navision post the records the lot more tables such as Ledger ,Invoices,Dimensions,Taxation etc

Better you look for using company consolidation module of Navision for the same.

thanks Mr amol but what is your opinion in this link :

i read this article it depend to take backup under buffer concept are this can applied

All the Best

Can i taken g/l entries table only form every branch to solve then proplem

OK IF I TAKE g/l entry table from every database found in branch then merged in main branch this will solve the proplem