Toolbox - Text Box

Hi all,

I want to create an empty text box field on the customer card but don’t know how to. Can anyone help me with instructions?


What do you want to use the empty text box for?

Is it to update data on the customer table?

I just want to be able to type in the field a person’s name that relates to the customer and for it to only appear on the general tab. It needs to be editable as the name could change often.

If you can’t use any of the standard fields on the Customer-table (“Name 2”, Contact, …) and you want to save the relation-name and later on retreive it, you have to create a new field in e.g. table 18. Then publish the field in form 21.

Otherwise you can use standard [Marketing] Contacts.

You are asking a very basic question, so I assume that you are a newbie at this. I would suggest to you that you get some training material and learn the basics as soon as possible. This kind of thing shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to program, and it would be a very good thing to get a solid foundation before moving on.

The best resource out there for NAV development is a book called “Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV” by David Studebaker, you can order it here: If you work for a NAV partner then find the Microsoft training material. Then the development bible is the NAV application designers guide, which you can find in the Doc folder on the product CD.