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I don’t know where should I put this topic to? In the Toolbox from Form Designer, it contains one of the control called “List Box” but it is made not enabled. I read somewhere from Navision GUI definitions for List Box, there are two types: single & multi selection listbox. They gave us definition but not the tools to use it. It is great if Navision allow us to use that List Box. Sometimes it is useful if we have that tools, for example, openning a window for contract agreement (something is similiar to License agreement)

Hello, This is very strange - I have looked at the toolbox in several versions from Financials GB1.10 to Attain GB3.01b, but this is “greyed out” everywhere - It looks like something that Navision were going to put in at one point, but got held over to a later version. Looking at the Application Designer’s Guide page on the Toolbox, List Box is one of the buttons tagged as “(Not in Use)”, although Matrix Box is also listed as not in use I have been on a number of Navision development courses, but this feature has never been covered by any of them. I suspect that this is either an unfinished feature or a hangover from an earlier version that was later discontinued. If anyone knows about this feature, I would be very interested too! -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited

Sadly, Navision does have a bad habbit of showing parts of the product that simply do not work. This is true even if it remains unusable over several versions. Check the Undo button while in designer mode. Doesn’t work, never has. Also, you can print color in preview but, it doesn’t work when actually printed! Navision is a great product, I only wish they would spend real time adding much needed improvements (i.e. multiselect control properties). Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117

Bill, Your comments about Navision putting in things that never worked made me smile a bit. I took my first Navision training 3 years and one week ago as we were gearing up to become a solution center. I asked about some of these non-functioning buttons and was told that they had to put them in the toolbar in order to get Microsoft compatibility approval. Buttons that came to mind were the Un-do button, and, in ver 2.0c, the printer button. In that version, you couldn’t kick off a report from Print-Preview mode. They’re getting better, but still not perfect! Of course, compared to the other (unamed, but previously based out of Findlay Ohio and now owned by Microsoft) product that I worked with for 15 years, Navision is a dream come true!!! Regards, Mark. Mark Keener Automated Number Crunching Dayton, OH USA

Hi, just one thing: The undo-button is working well until you leave the line of C/AL Code. This is not a great help, I know. Micha

The lines of C/AL code are actually records in a table, not a large block of text as you have in a text-editor. That’s why Undo (or Esc) only works while you’re still on the same line. When .Net comes in, chances are big the editor will improve a lot. If you had the chance to work with the new Developers Toolkit for Attain, you will have got a kind of preview of what’s upcoming (to my believe). There you have colors in the code for methods, literal text, etc. You can find the relations between the tables and objects, and do a lot of editing as well. Looks a lot like an improved Impuls Workbench. John

John - you said “When .Net comes in”, not “If”. Would you please expand on what you’ve heard about .Net status for C/SIDE? Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

David - perhaps John means “when”. But in the German language the word “wenn” has 2 meanings: when (time) and if (case), so even me speaking english for a long time get sometimes confused and say the word “when” instaed of “if”. I am not sure, but it could be similar in dutch. Anyway, to complete the short German lesson, we have a second word for “if” and that is “falls”. Regards Walter

Thank you Walter. I appreciate and enjoyed the information. Those of us who are so limited as to only speak and read one language (especially when it’s English) often don’t appreciate the challenges the rest of the world faces trying to communicate with us. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner Edited by - daves on 2002 Mar 05 16:48:08

Thanks for your help guys, but I did write “when” on purpose I’m familiar with the subtle difference between “if” and “when” - even though English is a second language to me. Hope it’s not that bad. To my opinion, the .Net technology wil be encompassed by Navision without any doubt sooner or later. Probably sooner than later. Why? Logic thinking: 1) Navision is proudly presenting they were granted (often as first) all kind of Microsoft logo’s (Windows 9x, Windows 2000, BackOffice, etc.) Do you believe they will all of a sudden skip .Net; a major MS product for the future? 2) Navision A/S has a very clear commitment toward Microsoft products, as the vast majority of Navison’s target market is running their business on it. Why do you think the alternative platform servers (Unix variants) are not or hardly supported anymore, while MS SQL Server is being pushed? 3) MS and Navision have a close working relationship. MS did provide a flock of programmers to assist in releasing the first SQL version, couple of years back. Navision has been doing presentations at MS meetings on i.e. BizTalk applications and Commerce Portal. Does Navision has an alternative, other than continuing the relationship with MS? 4) The .Net strategy fits in the Navision strategy (thin clients over internet connection, distributed computing, connectivity) 5) Current product (Attain) is still based on the engine and environment that were developed for Financials 1.0 - in other words: some 5-8 years (?) old. Although these are still very powerful and vital, I have no doubt that Navision’s R&D is working on the next generation for some time already. Given the possibilties .Net is providing nowadays, I don’t think Navision will develop a full propriety product again, but build it on this platform. 6) Rumours go (see the recent topic on the same subject) that .Net will be presented at the April meeting in Copenhagen. A poster even stated that Navision is way ahead of (MS) Great Plains in implementing the .Net technology. You don’t have to agree with me, but for me it’s “when” for sure, not “if”. Now only find the time to master .Net… John

So, so, you want to have a List Box! ok, that’s easy: 1. make a form incl. an empty Table Box 2. export it as text 3. open with notepad 4. replace in CONTROLS section: TableBox… CONTROLS { { 1000000000;TableBox;1430;1210 ;9350 ;5500 } } …with ListBox CONTROLS { { 1000000000;ListBox;1430;1210 ;9350 ;5500 } } 5. save end import it, compile it nice, isnt it? :slight_smile: but that’s not all, u also can make: preview form and ruler form but these 2 forms you can’t design… best regards criz Christian Reisinger NAVIConsult EDV-Systemlösungen AG Messendorfgrund 30 A-8042 Graz e-mail: homepage: christian reisinger NAVIConsult AG

Thanks Christian That is so nice.

Christian, Would you please add more information including how-to details on your comments about preview form and ruler form? Thanks Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

That is amazing! Thanks a lot, Christian. Looking forward to your Preview and Ruler Form.

Hi, Sorry, John. Microsoft did not provide a single programmer to assist in the release of the 2.5 SQL Server version, nor was this asked of them. Only regular support channels were used, along with participation in the 7.0 beta program and activities in Seattle at a porting lab, available to ISVs. As for your speculations on .NET, we shall have to see…

ruler & preview: you can make it the same way as ListBox CONTROLS { { 1 ;Preview ;220 ;220 ;9350 ;5500 ;HorzGlue=Both; VertGlue=Both } } CONTROLS { { 1 ;Ruler ;0 ;0 ;770 ;8030 ;VertGlue=Both } } but Navision get’s a problem, if you try to design it… another mystic thing: you can define a variable DataType: System! (just write System in the option field) hmmm… Christian Reisinger NAVIConsult EDV-Systemlösungen AG

Robert, Nice to see two discussions are running in a single topic (Moderator: Perhaps better to split?) I haven’t been at Navision office at that time, so it’s hear-say for me. But the company I worked for when NF SQL 2.5 (Beta) was released in 1999, was involved with one of the very first real SQL implementations - and we had a few troubles to overcome. If I remember well, we were told “the development-time for NF SQL has been greatly reduced because of MS assistance in programming”. If that’s not true (guess you have more inside info , I’ll take it for granted, and give retrospectively chapeau to the Navision developers. Of course it’s pure personal speculation regarding .Net, but it’s closer than we think, isn’t it? John

Christian, Do you know the other properties of the preview and ruler? E.g. do you know how to set the report no. to preview? If we can’t design the from then the only way seems to be to do it in text form, and we need to know the property names. Thanks, Nikolai L’Estrange.

that’s the problem, i don’t know them… yet:-) Christian Reisinger NAVIConsult EDV-Systemlösungen AG

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