Tool Bar missing

Hi User has been working in Navision Attain 3.60 for about 4 hours continuously. then suddenly the Tool Bar disappears. In order to see the tool bar, user has to close and open navision again. Any ideas why is this so… regards MK

Go to the Menù: View - Toolbar and select the option. In developing sometimes the toolbar of the toolbox travel from the bottom to the top and then disappear, at this point you need to erase the zup file.

I had the same kind of problems with Navison 2.00 The toolbar was one mm higher each time you close it and open again, and finally disapeared under the general toolbar. So even if you can open it you can not see it.Which was fun. I got no explanation for this.Erasing zup did not work. I think we made an uninstall / re-install on the client. (I was young). I think 4 hours is enough for a navisioner.[:p]

Hi guys thank you for the answers. MK

Check if you have enough RAM on the computer. The bug John mentioned was fixed long ago (2.01 I think), but if you don’t have enough RAM, then the scroll bar just can’t be displayed and will diapear. The same thing happens some times int eh developer, where you are trying to place a control on a form or report, and bits and pieces disapear.

I’m with David…It’s usually a RAM issue. I have seen this happen recently with 3.60 when you are running Windows 98. As Windows 98 computers tend to be older (with minimal RAM), I can’t say for sure if upgrading the RAM or the OS is the best place to start (RAM is cheaper).

Can you hide the toolbar at runtime for certain users?

No. But You can look at the permissions. You can control a lot there if You want to disable features for You users