Too much planned purchase orders


Recently we implemented AX2012. Due to our overloading sales portfolio we have more sales order then we can handle in such short time period (circa 4 months). Because there are so much sales orders in the system, the systems generates a lot of planned purchase orders to feed the need. In reality the factory can’t handle all the current sales orders, so the planning of AX is not inline with reality. It is very difficult to say which quantiy is really need on which term, due to all the production requirements.

Does anybody knows some kind of trick to overcome this period of overwhelming planned purchasing orders? Offcourse, if we buy all the proposed items, the problem is solved, but it are just too much items (and therefore too much money).

P.s. management does not want to increase the lead time of the sales orders…they rather just “disappoint” customers.

Who has any tips/tricks/ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Oh…one option is to confirm a few orders, just to fool the system, but this is not a nice solution.

Well the basic issue is you do not have too many planned purchase orders. What I suggest you do it look at the planned production orders driving these, if there are any, and then move these out. If you don’t use production set the confirmed dates on the SO. You can look at the resource requirements screens to see how “over” you are - you must be infinite otherwise AX would have pushed out requirements. How you do this is up to you - assess all requirements and the ones you are going to keep in the dark and disappoint you move out, this will move out the requirements.

You have to manually do this as you have set the system up to handle this and now in reality you cannot achieve it you need to assess and decide on an approach. I would suggest you start staggered PO ordering otherwise the ones that will be late will be significantly later as you do not have the raw materials to fulfil future orders.