Together the bead realizes the Chuang Rui is remarkable

“Together elder sister Zhu, today this matter, really need to thank you ……”
At inside in a hotel in the city, the Chuang Rui started to carry wine to respect together the bead is one cup, don’t take care of how to say, nfl jerseys cheap the somebody else receives a virtuous uncleOf telephone, rushed through to come over right away, this human feelings although being a virtuous uncle to owe is next of" but want Chuang Rui to return.
“Chuang younger brother, be I not come, perhaps they also not dare to chase you how?”
Together the bead realizes the Chuang Rui is remarkable, is also have intention to become friends with, original of the teacher became younger brother, relation pull for a whileBeing near is many.
“That can say to prohibit, each time Chi- come to all run into this unlucky matter ……”
The Chuang Rui shook to shake head, say the noble family sons that he once saw don’t calculate as well little, but like to ask for is living not, lead to be partial toBe partial to is all that those background isn’t big, on every occasion is my daddy is a xxx person, this person has never suffered a los, be a little bit notKnow immensity of the universe.
Together the bead smiled to smile, hesitated for a while and said:“Chuang younger brother, there being a mattering not to know should ask, if youNot mean to say don’t also relate to ……”
“Together bead Nu, you say ……”
“Chuang younger brother, that is blue and total at in the sea is also the person of very pregnant, but why see
You, but is that attitude?”
Together the bead is really first, curious, second, want to know the background of Chuang Rui, can let a blue sea shell that the humble attitude is with thatTreat, wholesale nfl jerseys will never is rich and then can accomplish.
Chuang Rui Leng for a while, unexpectedly and together the bead will ask this matter and tell friend and grandfather by himself[herself] is who pour is a nothing important,Is this words are spoken by oneself, is to a little bit show the meaning for putting, Chuang Rui not from saw one eye to the virtuous uncle.
The meaning of the virtuous uncle understand Chuang Rui opens mouth to say:“Is small together, the grandfather of Chuang Rui is a sun Gang master son in Europe, notLead this kid not to like to show off, you knew and then wented, this matter didn’t want to told others again ……”
“?Is him?!”
Together once the bead listen to and shockedly and by hand covered a mouth, probably those 80 empresses 90 empress of the person don’t know this name, But for 40 many year old of together bead but speech, this name will never be unfamiliar, not long since, authentic nfl jerseys first-degree in the centerNews inside, usually can see that old man’s figure.