to undo a resource line from a sales shipment

Hi all,

I know Navision doesn`t allow to undo a resource line from any shipment as items but, is there any posibility to correct those lines about resources?.

Thank you.

Hi Jimmynd,

Have you tried invoicing and then posing a credit memo for the resource?

hi Dave,

Yes, I know it but we don`t create a new invoice for this reason. Any idea?.


Hi Jimmynd,

If I understand you correctly - you do not want the customer to see the shipped resource line.

I suggest you enter an invoice and use the get shipment lines and delete the resource line ( or just select the item line) and post the invoice.

Then post a second invoice at zero price to clear the resource shipping line.

hi DaveT,

Yes, but if we do that you propose, that resource line is open in the shipment document. I want to undo the resource line (as item lines) from the same shipment document to close that document line. I think standar version isnt possible, but I dont know if there would be any problem if we develop code.


Hi Jimmynd,

Don’t see any problem coding this.

ok, thanks DaveT