To split the line in warehouse shipment subform

I want to split the line in warehouse shipment For e.g.- i have line no 1000 in which quantity is 190 now i want to split in 10 line in each line with 19 qty.

so the sequence is ,

Line No Qty

1000 19

2000 19

3000 19

4000 19

5000 19

6000 19

7000 19

and so on.

you can post the shipment line 10 times entering 19 qty. to ship each time.

Yes right.

if will do in sales order.

you can do if you want separate shipments headers

any functions to do so.

no that I am aware of


if you don’t us extened warehouse you need to write this function by yourself.

ok. i don’t use extended warehouse.

can you help me in creating that function

I can, but I think you need to write the all idea (business description) first.

1 question - who (and from where) you create this warehouse shipment (to identify the place where you need to split).

2 question - what is the “19”? Why do you want to split-up by this value


1 Ans) The sales order is created of Quantity 190 metric ton (MT)

2 Ans) The container carry only 19 MT, so we have to create 10 lines and each of 19 MT, and then for each line warehouse shipment is created.

so i want to split that line in 10 line each of 19 qty.

If you use the “Create &Whse. Shipment” button on the Sales Order page you need to create loop inside WhseActivityCreate.FromSalesLine2ShptLine(WhseShptHeader,“Sales Line”) (where WhseActivityCreate is Codeunit “Whse.-Create Source Document”).

But my advice - think where you can setup this value (19TM) instead of hardcode it… Maybe you can add 1 field in the Sales line like “Split into” and lookup to special table (or Item - I can’t write now correctly) and take value from this setup.

i want to split lines at sales order level.

OK. Then you need a function on subpage which split 1 sales line to several and request Multyplier


Why you want to SPLIT, Can you post 10 times with 19 quantities each!!

Still if you want to Split then navigate to any Warehouse Put Away Document there in line section we have SPLIT lines functionality from where you can take help from and do the same.