To show only one element of dimension on dialog form


I want to show only one element of dimension on dialog form.

Say, that field on dialog form on look up should show all departments of ProdTable only.

Not all departments of Dimension table.

I can create a new edt and new form and attach that form with newly created edt That form, I can use for showing the lookup on

dialog form for ProdTable.dimension[1].

But i want any other better approach.

Any help is appreciated.


Well, you could start by reading this article:

It shows how to override specific control events for dialog controls (RunBase Framework dialogs).

So you can override the lookup method on this control of yours and just create a custom lookup (use Classes\SysTableLookup for this, for example) that would only show the needed departments

Hi Mahesh,

Did you got any solution as per your requirement.??