To set permission


We have a user id called security. I am finding difficulty in setting permissions to this user id. Can anything be set like if you look up into a field in some form wid this id, it should not allow him to look up. Do we need to write any code for this? Can anyone suggest me wid this?

I’m not an expert… but let me attempt to answer this :

In short : RolesID > Roles Button > Permissions

In long:

Assume you use Database Login.

Tools > Security > Database Logins >

Create / Edit your user ID there:

then go Roles (button)

There you can pick a pre-define Role ID or Create a new Role ID.

then go Roles (button) > permissions

from there you can set Read/Create/Edit/Delete Permissions object by object.

(learnt that 2 weeks ago)

Hope it helps