To see the last purchase price (last direct cost) in Purchase Order Line per item

HI NAV Expert

I would to ask from you a good advice how I can show the purchase price in Purchase Line per item.

Please advice.

You need to add Purchase Prices in Item–> Purchases–> Prices

Whenever you select the item it will pickup the prices on the basis of start date and end date.

Is there other way to add column or field in Purchase Line that is in every choosing of items, the last purchase price can be seen upon creating PO.


The last purchase price is stored on item card in field called Last direct cost.

You can show that price on Purchase line.

Will you help how I can show the field “Last Direct Cost” in the Purchase Line?

Follow this link

No need to write any code

Whenever you are selecting the item it will show Last direct cost in Direct Unit Cost field

I already watch the video but still unresolved. Any other way that no programming involve? its just a simple adding of field for Last Direct Cost of item.

No its required some coding

You need to add one field in Purchase Line table

and You need show the value from Item Table from field Last direct cost.