To Print 'n' number of copies


In our company we use pre-printed stationery to print an Invoice. At present we print invoice on Dot Matrix printer, having 3 carbon copy on the same invoice. Now my senior wants the invoice to be printed on laser printer so that when any user gives print command,the printer should automatically print 4 copies of invoice .On every invoice a line should be printed i.e. “ORIGINAL FOR BUYER” on first page, “DUPLICATE FOR TRANSPORT” on next page, “TRIPLICATE FOR ASSESSEE” ON 3rd page, “EXTRA COPY” on 4th page.

Please be noted I have modified the invioice printing report according to the requirement but not have idea about the above mentioned problem.

thanks in advance.

Take a look at standard report 206 (Sales Invoice); if printing 1+ copies the word “COPY” is added to the “INVOICE”-text.

And by reading the code you should be able to figure out how to force 3 copies (+ the original) to be printed [:)]