To Import Data only that which is not int the Table

Hai all,i want to import the data into one table in such a way that if any particular record exists that record has not to be imported i.e

for example i want to import the data into customer table

where the table contains the following records

NO Name (NO is the Key)

10000 The canon group

20000 seleginaon Ltd.

30000 BlaneMark

and in the file which is to be imported into the Customer Table contains the record 10000 with Luknow is not to be imported .(with the same no records not to be impotred). Thank You in Advance…

Turn off the AutoUpdate and AutoReplace properties of the Dataport.

Thank you , But i want to continue the importing of data i.e only 10000 record have to be not imported and the remaining records in the file which are not in the table have to be imported i.e

the file contains records like






the 10000,30000 records have not to be imported into the table where the records 50000,70000 which are not in the table have to be imported.

That’s what those properties do. They will not change anything that already exists. AutoInsert should still be set to yes so that new records are added to the database.

Thanks but is there any chance to skip those records in the file when importing into the table By using code.

Why would you want to use code when NAV has built in properties for you?

When you don’t want something to happen, or want to handle something manually, you turn off those properties. You can then write your own code to handle your specific conditions, like if you can GET the customer number int he file then SKIP the record.