to handle items with different length

Dear all,

We have an item called cable with unit of measurement conversion as follow

  • Base UoM = METER, Qty. per UoM = 1
  • 2nd UoM = ROLL, Qty. per UoM = 200

We use the cable for installation. And we use Sales Order with 0 value to consume the cable and take it out from inventory.

However after the installation, we may have excess several pieces of this cable with different length that needs to be returned back to the inventory. a piece of cable could have 10 meters, another piece could have 7 meters, etc. There’s a need to view the pieces with different length in detail, rather than having 17 meters in the inventory. the decision could be different as well.

How to manage the inventory with these variative unit of measure of an item in Navision?

Many thanks in advance.



Did you check Item Variants functionality?

Hi Mohana,

Do you mean to create item variants for each of different length?

Any other alternative?



You might consider using Bins, defining the bin to be a function of the length of the cable. I don’t know how many different lengths you expect to store, nor how precise you need to be in recording the length of each piece, but maybe you could define your bins in 1 or 2 meter increments? So in bin 1, you would store cable of up to 2 meters, bin 2 would be for cable between 2 and 4 meters, bin 3 for between 4 and 6, etc. And depending on your requirements, you could vary the length between bins. So the increment between the first 20 bins might be 1 meter, then the increment for the next 10 bins might be 2 meters, etc.

This approach isn’t perfect though, since you would not know how many pieces of cable you have in each bin. You would only know that each piece in the bin would be of a certain length (between 2 and 3 meters) and you would know the total length of all of the pieces in the bin.

Or, taking another approach, you might be able to create more UOM Codes, one for each length of spare cable. In theory, you’d have to create 200 UOM codes to account for anything less than a full roll, provided you could live with a 1 meter increment between UOMs.

I’m not certain that either of these ideas would work, I’m just throwing them out there for you to consider.

Would that meet your requirements, or would you also need to know the quantity of pieces in each bin?

From the way you handle to consume the cables in Sales Order, I assumed that your company’s idea is to charge them to the general COGS and not interested to identify where they are used, just as a consumable item.

Creating different variant and different UOM will work, but I think it would be quite a lot of work and end of the day, you have too many of them that would be sort of messy. I assumed you won’t throw away a 5 meters cable, so anything from 5 - 180 meters coming back might be possible.

Not really have a good solution for this but just giving an alternative for your consideration. Use Lot Tracking and name your Lot No. like “011213-150”, that means coming back, this lot is of date 01/12/2013 and left 150 meters, and you receive back as 150 meters.

In future when you need, you can call this lot to use and when it comes back left with 90 meters, then it could be Lot No. as “030114-090”.

So although they are in loose quantity of 90, you know they are in a roll as they are identified by a Lot No.

Just my two cents.

Hi George, thanks for the suggestion. Will look into the bin and see the practicality.



Hi Adrian,

Interesting suggestion.

I’d like to understand some points further:

Yes, you’re right. It’s the way how we post the consumption of inventory to the COGS. we identify the usage allocation with the dimensions. May I know if you see other way to do the consumption?

Interesting! I made a simple test. It seems this is practical.

Thanks for the suggestion, Adrian.