To generate SSRS Reports based on Financial Dimension attributes in dialog in AX 2012?

Hi All,

I am trying to upgrade an AX 4.0 report to SSRS Report in AX 2012,I am filtering data using dynamic query in processreport() method of my DataProvider Class.In AX 4.0,there is a field in CustTrans Table called “Dimension”,based on this same field data has been filtered in fetch method.Now my problem is this field “Dimension” is no more available in AX 2012.

I want to generate my SSRS where user can select “Dimension:”,I am not able to understand what field should I use in place of “Dimension” (which is in AX 4.0).

I have tried “DefaultDimension” field,but its not working,may be I am missing something.

Kindly help me.Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile: