To filter records of SalesLine on basis of Warehouse

Hi All,

I have a form, on which there is filter field on Warehouse. Besides this, there are two tabs. On background of these tabs there are two instances

of SalesLine(based on some condition). Now on the selection of filter field of warehouse, I have to filter records of salesline.

I am not getting any idea. [:(] Any help is appreciated.


The SalesLine table contains a field called InventDimId, which is a reference to a group of inventory dimensions, that are stored in the InventDim table.

If you need to filter on the warehouse, you will have to filter on a table field, specifically, on the InventLocationId field of the InventDim table.

In order to do this, you will have to join SalesLine and InventDim in your form (2 times, if needed, to 2 different InventDim datasources), and then apply the filter on the datasource field as you would normally

Thanks Ivan, I solved that one.

I am also doing the same thing, but the thing I forgot to do is to refresh the datasource of saleline after filter the records of InventDim.

As there is no field from InventDim on form, so it wont show me any effect on form.

Silly one, but sometimes happens…