To Erik: Repeated questions about same subjects

Hi Erik, I saw on one other forum a cool feature where there were some “pinned” threads. That is threads that basically covered a lot about one subject so anytime you logged on they were on top and you would see them before asking the same questions that everybody asked before. I have to confess that the forum was for “Grand Theft Auto III” [:I]. Erik you should know that I would never betray this forum for any other Navision forum in the world [:p] There were only about 5 topics (the 3 cities and hidden features and flying the Dodo [:D]) so it made sense that they put them on top. But maybe you could create a separate section where you put all the topics that have more than X replies (see on fire threads) or maybe we can help by voting about some of the most interesting Navision replies. Then let everybody know that they need to look there first for answers … The first things to come to mind: Locking, Native vs. DB, recommended hardware specs a.s.o. What do you think? Cristi

This could be something like FAQ also ?!

Wasn’t it last year when Erik asked us all to contribute to the FAQ forum and suggest repeated threads for inclusion? Or did I dream this [:o)] ?

Steven, Arthur, You’re both correct!

Now I kind of remember that [:I]. But it is always easier to ask someone else to do it [:p] Well if that feature is still there then I guess I better get to work [:D] Cristi