to create a menu suite in nav2009


I want to create a menusite in nav2009 like -Financial Management,Purchase etc., I am able to create a menusuite but it is not displaying on the left side. I want to know why it is not dispalying? what changes or properties do i have to make

to display it.

After pressing Alt+F12 are you able to see your new menu created.

but i want it to be visible all the time, i don’t want to press the ALT+F12 key every time for it to be visible.

Hi Pavan,

Menus will only display if you have access to the object/table used in the menu. Have you checked your license?

i have the developer license but where do we have to set the properties or permissions for the menu to be visible.i have access to all the objects as i am having developer license. suggest.

Hi Pavan,

Have you reviewed you Role permission? Also have you synchronised all users?

how to review role permissions and synchronize all users?i am new to nav.

You can Synchronize users here

Tools–>Security–> Synchronize all users

When you open Company you are not able to see navigation pane by default. is this right?

After you press Alt+F12, are you able to see your customized Menu Suite?

with which ID you have created new menu suite?

after pressing alt+F12 i am able to see my menu suite.

i created menusuite with id 58.

also in tools->security i am unable to see the option Synchronize all users.

some time pressing alt+F12 does the trick as my exp. says.

Tools–>Security–> Synchronize all logins