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I am developing a report with the table “Item Ledger Entry”. We hav a field called “Cost Amount (Actual)” in it. I hav used this field in the report which has negative values. To display it with positive value I hav used ABS(“Item Ledger Entry”.“Cost Amount (Actual)”). It is giving the proper positive values. I want the total of this field which I have taken in the footer, but if ABS is assigned to the same field in the footer its giving the value as 0 both at the footer and the body.The field is a flowfield. can anybody help me with this…


I hope you have set “Cost Amount (Actual)” in CalcFields property of report

No… I havnt… The field is only set in Totalfields property of the report, Calcfields is left undefined itself.

Please set Calcfields and try [:)]

Thanks… its workin [:)]

Welcome [:D]