To attach single work flow to multiple form in Ax 09


We have a requirement in we need to attach a single work flow in Ax 09 to multiple forms.i.e Say at one form someone takes some action and then the same work flow should also be displayed to other form so that some else can take other action …Pl suggest some solution .How to do it or any work around to achieve this functionlity? It as a road block for us.


Do all the forms a datasource that matches your workflow’s source document?

You can just workflow enable all the forms that you want to access the workflow and set the workflow datasource property of the form to the relevant one.

Can you maybe give us a scenario?

Thanks for you reply!!

We want to change the project stage through work flow. Project Stage can be :
1.Created(when project gets created).
2.In Progress
3.Marked For Technical Closure
4.Contract Closure
5.Financial Closure.

Now when someone creates a Project From project details form(in PSA module) then this work flow (first time) should get enable and ready for submittion. As soon as

it is submitted and approved , project stage should change to created.

After that someone else say Project manager do some changes( say assign resouces at some other resouces) and say he is finshed up with his things then he should

able to see this same work flow at that form(different from Project Form) also and take action like In Progress.

Similary it can be marked for technical closure at some other form by Account Manager.

After that , concerned person from Legal team should able to see same work flow on his respective form and can change stage to " contarct Closure".

In the end, Finance person will see the same work flow on his respective form and can mark the project for financial closure .

Basically, that Work flow Yellow Bar Should keep moving from one form to another i.e. on respective forms as per project stage changes takes place .