To all NAV developers still working with C/AL objects

I want to let you know that we provide exceptional tools for NAV and BC developers working with C/AL objects.

Inefficient and time-consuming ways of updating C/AL objects manually can cost your company thousands of euros each year. Why not look into automating these processes?

So you might have heard of this online toolbox before, or this may be your first time exploring what it can do for you. Most of the tools were created for developers working on upgrade projects for NAV 2015 - 2018 and Business Central 13 & 14.

The tools in Object Analyzer can help you in many ways:

  • Quickly provide an overview of any NAV or BC installation, so you can prepare for a meeting with a client or your dev team, and create better time estimations for projects
  • Identify missing objects and updates
  • Automate the implementation of cumulative updates for clients
  • Ensure your LIVE version is correctly updated from the development environment
  • Handle your upgrade of an add-on solution for installations with custom C/AL objects

Are there other features that you would like added to Object Analyzer that we do NOT currently have listed?

Here is a visual introduction to what Object Analyzer can do for you:

Currently we have a limited time campaign going. Right now if you sign up & confirm your email for Object Analyzer, you will be able to upgrade the account for free to the Basic plan for 1 month and gain access to the exclusive features (Source Control, The Change Log Cloud, Job Queue Monitor etc.). The reason for this is that we wish more developers to explore the features without the limitations of a trial account. We are looking into improving the features and your feedback is always welcome, and will be rewarded.

Upgrade now and see for yourself what the plan includes:

No payment required. Deal ends August 29th.

Got a phone number we can call? We will gladly arrange a meeting, so you can get a demonstration of Object Analyzer with one of our experts, or if you want to provide feedback. Call us right away at +45 30 26 04 16